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Inner Bound

11 hours work! But the teens and children are quite cool at the moment. It is a very colourful and funny group! When I think about the last three month, this group is very... friendly and respectful! I already worked with other types of children!

Topic of the day is inner bound -I hope it is the right word for what I mean.

I think you can't do this job without inner bound. You'd take everything to serious and personal.

The children which I'm working with had a terrible past. Most of them are marked for life.

In the moment there is this boy. 13 years old. I really like him. He's calm, polite and friendly. That's very rare. Most of the children are aggressiv, have no distance and are hard to handle. But you should understand it. They were taken out of their families by the youth welfare office, they don't to be there. Most of the parents abused them, physically and mentally... But they don't know that it might be different. Family is always family. And parents are always their parents. They love them in every singel way.
And this boy came out of his family because his mother battered him in a very bad way -not just once. And when I look at him, I feel sad. Yes, really sad. I'm doning this job for nearly 3 years. This work with this children. But I never felt so touched like I feel now. And there were different and other very hard stories... I don't know.
I think that would be my new challenge. To find my inner bound torward this boy.

It was a nice day here in Berlin! The sun was shining it was warm and we went out with the whole group to have some ice-cream! It was so cute! There are these three girls around 11. They told me they'll prepare a show for us! And after we'd dinner it was showtime! The girls danced and sang for us! It was soooooo cute! That's why I love this work and that's why I respect every singel child! Imagine, your most loved persons don't want you anymore or you lost your home... But in this children's eyes is so much more positiv! And a day like today always touches my heart!
During this hard time they find a way to forget everything and to make others happy! I respect them and during this short time in this clearing house I try to show them that they're valuable and lovable.

Life is a gift!

5.7.09 23:41