Schmetterlinge in weiß






It's not over

I'm done with all my exams for this semester! I can't believe it! The last days I slept not more than 3 hours per night, I think... Tomorrow is the concert and I am quite excited! I hope everything will be okay.

Today I met Ryan. He called me a few days ago and asked for a meeting. Well, there will be nothing between us... 9 month hoping and wishing are over now... But that's okay. I thought it would be like that -so it is not a shock or something...
We met at 7:30 pm and I came back at 11:30 pm. We went for a walk and talked a lot about our lifes right now, laughed a lot and everthing was like it should be... It's warm today, so I just wore my bluse and jeans. After a while we decided to sit down in a small and nice restaurant to drink something. And then we talked about the important things...
We'll be friends in future.

I should have known this wasn't real
And fought it off and fought to feel
What matters most? Everything
That you feel while listening to every word that I sing.
I promise you I will bring you home
I will bring you home.

It's harder than I thought it would be. Really. But I think it's alright. That's what life is all about... to deal with everything which is given to you...

26.6.09 23:55