Schmetterlinge in weiß






My Neighbours!

I feel sooo done... I couldn't sleep the whole night. Not just because of Ryan... No, not really... More because of the concert today.
It's a gloomy day. The sun hides behind clouds and I have no power to do anything. I'm sitting on my balkony, listening to music and surfing in the internet. Yesterday, before I went to meet Ryan, I met the old woman living two floors up. She's soo cute! She asked me if I got the new keys for our front-door. No I didn't! Ah, I have to go to our property-management and get one. But from Monday until Tuesday I won't be in Berlin. My university course will go to "Ravensbrück" to visit a memorial. So when I should get this keys??? Ah!
The woman is nearly 80 years old and told me, that she's like my "house-mother". I can come to her whenever I like. She's quite funny. This typical Berlin-Woman, strong words, very sarcastic and lovley! Nearly everytime I go out I meet her with her old dog! This dog is really really really old! I think he can't see anything anymore -so he often runs against walls, corners and stuff
I told her, I'll have a date and she was smiling and said: "Oh Darlin' that's great! But pay attention, he should have money! Don't bring me a guy who can't pay for himself!" -She's cute!

One floor upstairs there is living a younger man with his -well I think it is his wife but I'm not sure, because I don't see her very often. We can see each others balkony. And most of the time I'm sitting outside, he's there. His balkony is full of colourful flowers, stuff. It looks quite nice -and my balkony... Well, it is a bit sad All my flowers die... I don't know why. We're always talking about this theme! He trys to give me some advices, but nothing works... When we meet in the staircase -he tells me about his journeys to Asia. He goes there very often. Also my Dad told me a lot about this stuff! And now I'm very curious to travel there one time! Maybe with my father! This would be great! Just the two of us with our backpacks!

Next to me lives a man -I think he's an opera singer. I don't know him well. Sometimes when we meet in the street we say "hello" and talk about the weather. He's bent and his boyfriend is much much older to him. They're smoking some strange things I can smell it everytime I'm sitting on my balkony. He always hangs on the phone and it's talking in English to different kind of people. Sometimes he gets visits from this typical opera-singers. This woman, with huge scarves, coloured eyes and stuff. Like you imagne this woman Then I can hear them singing in the appartement beside mine.

These are the three most important neighbours I know. Once I met another old woman, who's living right upstairs to me. She's also around 80 and told me her story once. She was a popular journalist once, her husband died because of a heart-attac and she started to design dolls-dresses. A few weeks ago she had a exhibition right here around the corner. I couldn't visit it because I had so much to do -like always *sigh*

Well, alright. I'll take a shower now and search for what I could wear today -for the performance... Ah...

For now, I don't have an advice for you
27.6.09 11:37