Schmetterlinge in weiß






never forget


I'd a very touching time in Ravensbrück. Ravensbrück is not far away from Berlin and you can go there by car in circa 1h30. Ravensbrück is sourrounded by wood, fields and little villages. You would never figure that there happened such cruel things one time.
I came a bit late to our meeting-point and got a room for my own. We ate in the small canteen and went over to a little house called "house of reflexion". It was a very warm day. Everytime you moved you felt like your skin was clammy. I think the other had never seen a concentration camp before, because it seemed like they were relaxed and in a good temper. Well, that's okay, but I felt gloomy and was a bit scared of my feelings I would have when we'd visit the camp directly.
Our group was the only one in this two days.
The "house of reflexion" was dark and cold. I was freezing when we went in to watch a movie about the "women of Ravensbrück".
I was sitting in the front row. Everyone was silent when the film began. There were interviews with survivors. Old woman, friendly looking. They started to tell their stories. I won't repeat all of them, because I'm not able to write anything in this mood down, like they transport their feelings and imaginations in the film.
It was more fortune than anything else, that they survived.
They were guinea pigs for infections soldiers got in war, thy should do some terrible work just of victimization... To hear all these stories made me feel terrible. My heart contrected. How people can be so cruel and inhuman?
After the film we went to visit the concentration camp area. The barracks were break down -but the prison is still standig.
I went through the gate and saw a wide blackstoned fields with troughs. I had a lump in my throat. The sun was shining but for me this place radiates an atmosphere of darkness and pain.
As I went through this camp, I felt like my heart stands still.

The prison was small and on the first sight not different than the prisons you know. But the cells were without any light, they were small and it was nothing in it than a toilett. I read some reports of the woman, who'd to stay there. They were not allowed to sleep, sit or talk. It was so cruel to read all this reports. It was... terrible.

I imagne the time I visited the concerntration cap in Auschwitz (Poland). Once I had a concert there -to commemoration day. I sang a REQUIEM in a huge church and lot of former detainees were there. It was a very emotional time.

Rest in Peace - You'll be never forget!

3.7.09 14:45