Schmetterlinge in weiß






What comes next?


Today I realised, that in one year I'd done the next big step in my life. A next step in my careere as social worker. Yesterday I met a couple I knew since I'm three years old. I haven't seen them for more than 2 years! It was so great to talk to them again. And then the woman started to talked about what I would be in future. What they thought and what it is right now.
Wow, I never imagined that it would be like that! They saw myself as a lawyer, author or actress... I can handle with words, she told me
Wow, and in the evening I lay in my bed and thought about it. Once I'd the possibility to become a musical-artist. But I chose another way... That's alright. I love the way I'm taking! It is the right one...
But in one year there'll be the possibility to take another direction again... Maybe I should try it -just for a while. I'll always be a social worker, but why don't try to be an actress or anything?  Maybe it would be the right time... We will see...
I was arsing around. I think I won't stay in Berlin.
I've so many many ideas! London, Paris, America, Austria... I don't know. We are just living one life! We should do what fullfills us, was makes us happy and you should give your body and soul to become happy! Yes, that's how it should be!
I ever wanted to do something creativ, something that's totally different.
I want to travel, I want to see the world, I want to meet different people, different lifestyles! I will be 23 next year! It is not too late! I can do whatever I want! I should give it a try.
My life is good. My life could be great if I'll go on like now. But what about dreams? What about taking a risk? What speaks against it?
I mean, if somebody had told me a few years ago, I would be a social worker, working with behavioral disordered children and teens, I would be the band-leader of the choir I was singing when I was 17... I would have told the person that he/she is off his/her head! That's how life goes and I think it is time to take it in my hands. Just one year... One year...

Every man is the architect of his own fortune.


13.7.09 21:32